Bye Patrick, bye!

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September 13 - November 18, 2007
Winner of the 2007 Biblical Museum Art Prize
The Jury’s decision as to the winner of the 2007 Biblical Museum Art Prize was unanimous. Layered, exciting, original, extremely well made, humorous, universally human – just a few of the enthusiastic reactions of various Jury members, who were immensely taken by the form given to this work: a beautifully made short film which, by its documentary design and undertone, is close to reality but, at the same time, has the intensity of a feature film from start to finish. The Jury’s appreciation, however, extended with at least the same enthusiasm to the way the content of the theme was dealt with. The choice of a refugee as main character gives the tale an indisputable news value, but nowhere does the story descend to the level of social clichés or to that of a political pamphlet. It therefore gives the Jury great pleasure to award the 2007 Biblical Museum Art Prize to the film ‘Bye, Patrick, bye’ a creation of artist Sabine Mooibroek.